New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson says he hasn't lost a step, and the team has to hope he's right as they try for one more shot at gloryHe surely still has his confidence. 32-year old running back Adrian Peterson was signed this offseason by the New Orleans Saints after the only pro team he has ever played for — the Minnesota Vikings — cut ties with him. His release from Minnesota came after he missed most of 2016 with knee injuries.When he was able to suit up Peterson didn't look like himself. He struggled mightily in the brief time he played and Mark Ingram Jerseys the Vikings decided it was simply time. If you ask the player though, they may have moved on too early. The Saints have to hope he's right — although his former teammates can't be too thrilled about the mediocre line jab. If the veteran is correct, they have a shot to make a real Willie Snead Jerseys run after three-straight 7-9 Brandin Cooks Jerseys finishes, despite having one Kenny Vaccaro Jerseys of the best quarterbacks in the business in Drew Brees.Unfortunately, history is not on the side of AP. It's rare to see a Drew Brees Jerseys 32-year old back dominate the league and even more rare is seeing a team relying on a running back that old also having a 38-year old quarterback like the Saints do.Of course, if they are right, it could be a fun team to watch in New Orleans.

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